Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Workin' the Plan

Oh my gosh, it's been such a ca-RA-zy week! 
Our first event here at our farm went well... the weather didn't cooperate at all, but wonderful friends and long-time customers came out to see what we've been up to. Their support is priceless! We are more prepared now for our big launch in May, with a show on Mother's Day weekend that is open to the public. {Click on the 'Petite Retreats' Page link above to see more about that upcoming event!} Thanks to MaryBeth Sande of Poppyseeds, we have one photo of us that proves we were there. One. That's how crazy things were!

In a few short weeks, we have the Remnants of the Past show down in California to attend, and we spent yesterday and today plotting, planning, and then setting up a mock booth to test our plan. Hmmmmmn.... lots of shuffling and swapping out of products goin' on! It's getting there. By end of tomorrow, we'll have it all sorted out. Then we can move on to the details of the displays - yay!

There are some funny things that happen when we do this - like the 'stand ins'.
Items that are still 'in process' in the shop or paint room get another chair or table that takes its place in the setup until the actual item is ready. A 'furniture stunt double', if you will! There is also the requisite moving of an item by infinitesimal increments over and over and over...'just a tch that way... no, that way'... multiple times. Usually until it ends up right back where it started. I messed with a table and chairs for about fifteen minutes and multiple rearrangements until I finally realized that the reason it just wasn't working was that I had the wrong chairs with the table. duh!

Just about the time I figured that out and swapped the chairs, the rain moved in again. Wind was blowing it in under the big 20 X 20 tent {where we set up the 10 X 10 tent!} and I was cold and cranky in about 30 seconds. Deb was done for the day!!!

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