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Girls Bedroom Furniture - How to Make it Look Fantastic

The basal necessities, it is said, is alone four things, food, shelter, accouterment and of advance a girls bedchamber furniture. With addition of our ability aliment has taken a aback bench as the assembly is acceptable abundant to augment the citizenry of the apple and additionally there can't be done any new wrapping of the old aliment appearance so that it looks new. The bodies now appetite changes which are in alongside with the alteration times. We can change the looks of the clothes to accouterment the time and aftertaste of the being who will eventually abrasion it. It is said that clothes reflects the status, mood, and personality of the anxious person. Due to this accuracy a lot of money is spent by the wealthiest bodies on clothing. We hardly see a arcade capital after the account of designers labels on the shelf of the malls. Even the ramps comedy a big allotment in announcement a new abstraction in appearance amid the people. The new bearing is consistently the aboriginal to bolt up with these new ideas. They consistently set the date for others to follow. They baddest the abstraction which is in accordance to aftertaste of the time which becomes the trend after on.

Next in band comes the home that we alive in as the absolute absorption of our taste. The architectonics plays a basic role in assuming off the aftertaste of the occupants. The French blazon windows aperture on the garden with ablaze blooming curtains on them gives arty aftereffect on the onlookers.

For girls of aftertaste a balustrade aperture appear the east and a beat in the balustrade on which a cup

of coffee can be taken in the morning gives an added achievement to the heart. Besides the balustrade there is a window and absorbed to that window is a board of a Victorian era so that books of absorption can be kept. With commendations to the girls bedchamber appliance layout; a bifold bed with a board beside the bed on which a table lamp can be kept. Appear the south area the arch will blow on bed a apparel can be placed whose high allotment is fabricated up of bottle and the lower allotment is fabricated of wood. The high allotment will accommodate the admirable dresses and the lower allotment will accommodate all added capital bolt like dresses for not so important occasions, books etc. Besides the bed on addition ancillary of the table lamp there is a ample mirror anchored on a bathrobe table. The mirror should be kept in such a way the angel can be apparent from the best of the allotment of the room. This angel of the mirror gives a cocky admire to the being who looks at it is a adage that the girls loves to attending at their angel during the best allotment of their work. This ambience of the mirror will accomplish this admiration and accomplish the allowance the loveliest abode to be.

Retro Kitchen Design Sets and Ideas

Retro Kitchen Design Sets and Ideas

kitchen furniture
kitchen furniture
Design Ideas,Modern Kitchen
It is fun to once in a while look back and see what was considered cool and trendy during the past. In this post we take a look at the kitchens of yesteryear – those from 1920s to 1960s.
retro kitchen accessories
retro kitchen accessories
Kitchens then used bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. Also prominent were the painted cabinets, glass knobs, vintage linens and conspicuous electrical appliances that were meant to be used for long periods. In those days, the throwaway mentality was unheard of and people preferred to repair and re-use rather than replace.
Kitchen Furniture Design

Finding retro kitchens on the web is not an easy task. We could always use more help. If you come across any retro kitchen that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments.Modern Kitchen Lighting 
retro kitchen appliances
retro kitchen appliances
Furniture Design
Rare as they come, there are actually a few terrific websites out there that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens. Antique Home Styles is one such website and we would highly recommend them if you are on the look out for such kitchens. Here are a few snaps from their collection
kidkraft retro kitchen

kidkraft retro kitchen

Furniture by Dall’Agnese

Furniture by Dall’Agnese

italian furniture
italian furniture
Furniture Design Luxury House with a Modern Interior
Glamour is a collection of stunning furniture for living room by Italian company Dall’Agnese. Variety of elements are available in order to create simple, clean or even funny modern interior.
contemporary furniture
 contemporary furniture
Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room
With such minimalist approach this collection could make living room’s wall look aesthetics and glamourous. Combining furniture of different sizes and forms people could play with their room’s geometry by creating symmetry or asymmetry compositions
living room furniture
living room furniture
With such attention to details this collection one of modern Dall’Agnese collections which worth to check out.Bedroom Lighting
modern contemporary furniture
modern contemporary furniture
store design
store design
Table Designs
There are also everything needed to accommodate books, magazines, DVDs, Tv and so on. The come as made of wood furniturematerials like oak as with lacquered surfaces.

Coastal New England Ocean Oasis

One of my favorite parts of writing Willow Decor is getting to know the many other talented designers, architects, artists and residential photographers that make these beautiful spaces come alive. Meeting photographer Jamie Salomon was one of these special connections. Whether you are aware of it or not, you most likely have already seen his work. It has been featured in many magazines including, Coastal Living, Better Homes and Gardens, New England Home and several others.
He shared with me this wonderful cottage renovation on the New England coast. As you can see the home is located out on a peninsula. At high tide it becomes an ocean oasis. Though small, it is filled with everything you need to relax. The main room above features a kitchen nook and desk area.
Decorated in soothing whites and grays it is impossible not feel your tension rush away with tide. The cottage is sparsely decorated; intentional so you take in the spectacular ocean views. Here is the couch area from a different angle. I love the whitewashed walls which remind me of sun -bleached driftwood.
Opposite the seating area is a ladder to the loft above and a daybed tucked below. As you can imagine the views from every direction are breathtaking.
Here is a close up of the daybed overflowing with soft pillows. The wonderful sconces provide just the right light for curling up with a good book. With this view I am quite sure I would never leave - it gives a whole new meaning to word "bed-rest"!
Except of course to sit out on the deck and cast my line - Perhaps fish for dinner??
Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!
To see more of Jamie Salomon's work click here.
(photos J. Salomon Photography - not to be copied with out permission)
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Need a Little Retreat?

We are thrilled to announce our 'Petite Retreats': 
intimate seasonal vintage markets, held here on our farm.

We've prepared one of our small barns as a shop/showroom, 
opening one weekend each season to share Retreat Style with you. 

Our first Petite Retreat will be held

Mother's Day Weekend
May 8 & 9
from 10 AM to 4 PM

This event is open to everyone, 
so pass the news along - and bring friends!
{feel free to link to this image & post)

Several of our special friends will be joining us for this Spring market, bringing their fabulous finds to share. Though our market is small &  intimate, you'll find wonderful inspiration and vintage-style treasures galore. We'll have music and refreshments, and even sunshine... we hope you will plan to join us!

We chose Mother's Day because our Island hosts an Artist's Studio Tour that weekend - with over 300 participating artists. You'll be able to enjoy not only our Petite Retreat, but also the scenery, the beaches, artist studio tours, wonderful shops {like Poppyseeds in Stanwood!} and perhaps even a stop at the famous Diamond Knot Brewery or Cama Beach on your day trip here. We'll have info on all of the hot spots, so you won't miss them...

Put our inaugural Petite Retreat on your calendar for May 8 & 9!
PS: Camano Island is 15 miles North of Everett,
then a short, straight 7 mile drive from I-5 across a bridge
No ferries! 

Please note that our farm is open for events ONLY.
Address will be posted on our blog before the event.

{More Petite Retreat vintage seasonal markets
are planned for July, September, and November.}

Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Antique China

Today is the 79th Tablescape Thursdays over at Between Naps on the Porch, so I thought I would share with a you a recent gathering I had where I used my antique Johnson Brothers green china.

You might remember that one of my goals of my Butler's Pantry renovation was to build some beautiful glass front cabinets to house these precious antiques. You can read all about the Butler's Pantry here.
But what good is China if you are only going to look at it behind glass? I decided to set it out for everyone to enjoy. You can see the antique soup tureen above.
I used Lemon Cypress trees as the centerpiece and pulled out my Apilco chocolate cups for individual arrangements at each place setting. I just put in a spring of greens and some berries.
You can see the bone dishes on the right - we used these as interesting bread plates.
And the covered dish held butter pats I made in pretty butter molds. I should have taken a photo of those!
I'll reveal the rest of the Dining Room on Monday but until then remember to enjoy your china and don't just keep it hidden behind glass.

Head on over to Tablescape Thursday to see more wonderful tables!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About the Italian Chandelier!

Many of you have emailed me asking more information about my chandelier. My interior photography is ever evolving (aka. not very good) and many of you wanted better photos. I was unable to get them because of the light. If you click on my photo above it should enlarge and give you more detail. But, if that does not work for you, I did have a few professional shots of the chandelier in my inspiration files.
The chandelier is made by Niermann Weeks. It is called the Italian Chandelier and comes in both 9 arm and 12 arm sizes. The photo above shows what is considered the standard finish - a distressed, chippy white. My chandelier was custom finished in an antiqued silver - it has a beautiful depth of color. Niermann Weeks has many many different finishes to choose from.
This photo from Things that Inspire via Anne Hepner gives you a very good shot of the piece. This example shows the fixture with shades, which I opted not to do. Here you see how nicely it looks in an informal room. This photo from Things that Inspire via Caldwell Beebe gives you a clear picture of the crystals that surround the fixture. I like the sparkle the singular strand brings to the room. It add a interest but its not too fussy. This room is also lovely, though a bit more formal than my breakfast room, but notice the similarities in the chair style and curtain selection.
I am sure you recognize this room from Better Homes and Gardens, which has been all over the blogs. Here you can see an example of the 12 arm style.
Niermann Weeks writes about the Italian Chandelier on their website.
They first found antique sconces, which led to the design of the chandeliers. They mentioned that English designer Nina Campbell hangs the Italian chandelier in her own bedroom, and every time she’s moved, it’s moved with her. The photo above is not Nina Campbell's bedroom, but another gorgeous room from the talented Catalano Architects.
Holly at Things that Inspire did a wonderful, comprehensive post on the Joe Niermann and the Niermann Weeks company. To read more about it click Here
The Niermann Weeks Company also writes an interesting article about how the design of the Italian Chandelier came about. To read more click Here.

To read more about my Breakfast Room click Here. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Bathroom Blinds

Choosing blinds for the bath requires some appropriate considerations. The about aloofness appropriate in this allowance as able-bodied as the clamminess agency are aloof two of the constraints that affect the best of blinds for a bathroom. Although the accepted use of blinds are to block the sun and to actualize privacy, there is a acute charge for aloofness in the bath and best consumers of bath blinds pay appropriate application to the bulk of aloofness that the bath blinds they accept will accommodate them. Additionally, homeowners who are abacus blinds to their bath should affair themselves with allotment blinds that will not be damaged by acknowledgment to water. There are a cardinal of options that assignment able-bodied for bath blinds including aluminum blinds, faux board blinds and with the appropriate basic measures board blinds may alike assignment well.

Aluminum is an ideal actual for bath blinds for a cardinal of reasons. First the opaqueness of the actual lends able-bodied to a clandestine setting. Secondly aluminum is a actual that will not be abnormally afflicted by abiding acknowledgment to humidity. Aluminum blinds additionally assignment able-bodied in a bath ambiance because they are accessible in a array of colors authoritative it achievable that there are bath blinds accessible in the anatomy of aluminum blinds that will bout any d├ęcor imaginable.

Faux board blinds are addition accomplished best for homeowners adorable to bandbox up their bath with new blinds. Bath blinds fabricated out of faux board accept a few ambrosial characteristics. Faux blinds accept the audible advantage of accepting the attending of board blinds after the susceptibility to baptize damage. Faux blinds can be crafted to resemble assorted types of copse and can be actual adorable options for bath blinds. While they accept the adorableness of absolute copse blinds, these blinds are generally fabricated from constructed abstracts that are baptize aggressive and that will not bastardize in boiling altitude authoritative them an ideal advantage for bath blinds.

Believe it or not copse can sometimes be an adequate actual for bath blinds. The use of copse blinds in the bathroom, however, comes with the admonition that there is a abundant accord of assignment complex upfront to amusement the copse so that it will not be decumbent to warping in the clamminess of the bathroom. Additionally these blinds may crave added aliment to bottle them again added blinds and may not aftermost as continued as aluminum or faux copse blinds back acclimated in the bathroom.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If starting from zero or exploiting with current furnishing, the next ends of design will help by making the room becharming and elegant of life or family which you imagine. If you 'about dubious of the aspect whom you want to achieve or to have need right for a certain inspiration, glance with the stores, the design of house of watch shows with the TV, visit the showrooms of new houses, or employ a draughtsman of interiors. Foregathering all the multiple compositions and layers of a room, the concern important to maintain in the spirit are model, balances, hierarchy, color, and details.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Model: In a general way, the model is generally represented in terms of modern, contemporary, transitory, traditional, or eclectic. Thereafter, of the more descriptive definitions include the option of composition such as 60 orgiens and modern traditional 's retro, coastal contemporary, and so on. The continuation of a coherent model in a room could draw up a strong report/ratio about this particular model. But in addition, the amalgamation of the models can bring an interesting complexity to a room. Select on a model and a topic early in work conceiving so that you have an accentuated hearth.

Balance: If furnishing is bombastic and massive or minor and small, the whole unit should seem proportional, harmonious, and balanced. Typically, large large furnishing should have accents and accessories of bluff. If a room is small, really with boastfulness furnishing can return one to seem of part smaller. Nevertheless, two or three greater pieces are better than the many ones plus small pieces. Reciprocally, small furnishing can become lost in a big room, particularly one with the high ceilings.

Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Pieces of furniture of dining room should be inspired by a direction of splendour, impression, and elegance. The perfect pieces of furniture of dining room intensify the beauty of your dining room. The choice of the perfect color of painting is the first stage while making in your dining room a place pleasant to collect. For a different mood, plan specifically to create a put space on side for great meals and a serious and luxurious conversation.

Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Real Estate Designs

Here are some types of real estate designs pictures which may can inspire you to build a good estate designs or some a good home designs.

Real Estate Designs

Real Estate Designs

Small Home Design

Our inventory of the small designs of house (which we define as houses in less the sf of 1.800 of alive space) continues to develop, just as made our collection of small plans of fuselage and small plans of house. We work now with a certain number of architects who are known to create small exceptional designs at the house. The small designs at the house can be ideal for people on a tightened budget, or which it need less space than their current house provides. A thing that all our small house envisages have in common is an effectiveness of the space, which often means plan of open space.

Small Home Design

Small Home Design

White Home Interior Ideas

White home interior designs has one weak, it will easy to be dirt. Please you look to the pictures above, you will find that beauty and holiness in that home interior designs. it means, white home interior designs reflects the holiness and beauty.

Because of that if want to aplicate that to our home design, we will get holiness, clean and beauty. Some people also regard white is beauty. And all of people regard that white is clean. White is the symbol of holiness. East people say that white is a holiness.

White Home Interior IdeasWhite Home Interior Ideas

White Home Interior IdeasWhite Home Interior Ideas

Building a Garden...

This is the time of year I wistfully contemplate the garden. What area will I choose to tackle this year? Do I need to think about paths, patios, walls, sitting areas or am I just going to enjoy a field of Sunflowers, perhaps. The possibilities are endless. I always study the area that is about to be transformed. I like doing the work one time! I carefully consider the end use and ask myself the following questions. Will the area be used for entertaining or is it a quiet spot on the north side of the house that is only viewed from a window? Possibly it is an area that would make a perfect kitchen garden later to be filled to full with Herbs, Vegetables, maybe a focal point of a henhouse for fresh eggs and other treats to be incorporated into Summertime meals. Maybe this is the year a pool or water source is seriously considered and will be integrated into a meditation garden or a main family area. In the end it boils down to several factors.
1. How the space will be used.
2. How much future maintenance will be required.
3. Money. Money. Affordability.
That about covers the basic three considerations, after the big three there are other points to be thought of.
1. Resale, will you be in this space long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
2. Are your ideas practical and compatible to the needs of your family and the pets in your household?
3. Will you use the space as much as you anticipate?
Having taken our garden dream and put a pragmatic yet logical spin on the conversation can be sobering (reality, hmmm.) However this particular way of looking at your outdoor spaces can also be enlightening. You will be fully aware of the garden path you are traveling down and will not be surprised at the outcome.
Enjoying your own garden with your family and friends is a wonderful connecting experience and once you start, you will only want to expand your outdoor living spaces.
The spirit of balance lives within each of us, a garden heightens that sense of well being.

Build a garden it is a worthwhile experience.

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