Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'll Take Door Number One...

Just as on 'the Price is Right', we never really know 
what lurks behind them 
or what will be revealed when they are opened. 
We wonder 'Is this is a door I should go through?', 
and quote pithy verses about them, 
like: 'When God closes a door, He opens a window'.

Sometimes the door just sits there, taunting you
almost daring you to open it.
And so, you do, and find something wonderful.
Lifechanging even.

The thing with doors and doorways is, you have to choose:
Stay on this side, or go through.
You can stand and look at that lovely opening and all that it leads to - 
but if you don't walk forward and through to the other side, 
you just might as well not have opened the door at all.

Going through that opening in the wall can mean going through a LOT.
From a philosophical perspective, 
the wall is the hard stuff and going through it 
is the only way to get to the other side - to the good stuff.

We threw open the danged door 
and jumped into the opening. 
We are in the process of going through the wall.
It's really cool on the other side, let me tell ya'...
but this part, here in the middle, well, it's hard.

That stuff about closing doors & opening windows? 
Nah. He's on the other side, telling us to just keep going.
One more step, one at a time, and we'll get through.

Some walls are illness. J & C are in that doorway.
Some walls are relationships. B is in that doorway.
{I'd really like to carry them over the threshold of those doors, let me tell you}
Some walls are business situations. P is in that doorway.
Some walls are financial, and we're in that doorway.
Just tryin' to do everything we can.

Thing is, all of us - all of you, too, I suspect -
just do our best in every situation.
Whether we chose the door or it flung open in our faces, 
we take those steps one at a time
and keep looking ahead to the good stuff.

Wherever you are, whatever wall you face
and whatever door is in front of you, 
Have courage. Have faith.
You have company on this journey, and you can do this.
{I keep saying that to myself, 
and sometimes it actually helps...}

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