Monday, February 8, 2010

Flea Market Style Magazine

It's OUT!!!!

Ki Nassauer just posted on her blog that copies of the new magazine 'Flea Market Style' are arriving in stores already! It wasn't supposed to release until February 23rd, but it looks like we are all getting an early Valentine's Day gift!

To those who have asked: Go to the Flea Market Style blog for information on where to find the mag, and no, subscriptions are not available. Yet. If this brand new INDEPENDENT magazine receives support by us purchasing it,  it can continue to be published on a regular basis and then subscriptions may be available.

The photo above shows you what you should be scourin' the magazine racks for!{And be sure to look for stories by Heather Bullard on the BH Boys and the Queen of Tarte in there}

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