Thursday, April 15, 2010

Petite Retreat Special Guests!

A special announcement about our upcoming Spring Petite Retreat:
We are so pleased to share with you that our friends Julie and MaryBeth from Poppyseeds will be our special guests at our Spring event! They will be sharing their treasures with you here at Retreat Farm on Saturday, May 8 ONLY, so don't miss them!
We met Julie on our first trip out to the Island, when we just HAD to stop into a darling little shop, Poppyseeds, on the side of the highway through Stanwood. Ever since, we've been friends! Julie &  MaryBeth {cousins} have been wonderful about making us feel right at home in our new community. Within a month after moving here, we were renting a room in their shop and displaying our Retreat treasures, until January of this year.
The girls are constantly re-filling the rooms of this charming little cottage with wonderful finds & vintage style! Color is really their 'thing' - it's a happy place!
We've had a lot of fun doing special projects at their store, events, and flea markets both local and distant with them, over the past year and a half. Having them participate in our first little show is our chance to thank them for all they have done for us... we really are excited to share our friends and their business with you at our first vintage seasonal market.
So we invite you to bring along your love of color and whimsy when you come to our May event, because 'the Poppyseeds Girls' will have it in spades! Visit their blog to see more, and Follow them on Facebook, too!

For more information about our Petite Retreats, go here
{image credits: Poppyseeds, 
except second photo: Retreat }

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