Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill have design modern office of GSC Group with art wall ornament. GSC Group with the two-story L-shaped offices are located in a glass building that faces New York City’s Central Park. The architects, in collaboration with digital media artist Cory Arcangel, created a large-scale work of contemporary art to simulate views of nature throughout the interior. Arcangel photographed Central Park on a spring day, and then digitally manipulated the images to create a pixilated texture. These images were then enlarged and installed behind an inner glass wall, illuminated from behind by diffused light. Custom wood workstations were designed for flexibility and can be quickly reconfigured to meet the office needs.
GSC’s open office is a technologically sophisticated environment featuring workstations custom-designed and fabricated out of a natural wood product. The modular design allows the workstation layout to be quickly reconfigured depending on the balance of employee types. A communicating stair provides connection within the workplace. In addition to the company’s offices and trading facility, the design includes a reception area, gallery, conference rooms and a pantry.

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