Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 Outodoor Furniture design ideas-Framura Alumunium Patio Chair design

 2010 Modern Alumunium Furniture Patio Chair design
2010-modern Furniture design-Framura Alumunium Patio Chair design

Aluminum Patio Chair Framura design is a series of modern outdoor and indoor furniture chair 2010, Framura design of this modern casual chairs for outdoor design with the following specifications: consists of a chair, a hassock, rocking chairs, sun beds, a nest. Back adjustable in three positions. Painted steel wheels with rubber tread. Pillow filled with polyester fiber, with semi-rigid insert on the bottom where they make contact with the structure. Cushions in polyester fiber, cotton, treated for outdoor use. Plastic jointed legs. Polyester ribbon that comes in the following colors: orange, green and gray. In the indoor version, the pillows are available in goosedown, still with a semi-rigid insert, covered with cotton cloth. Structure is available in white or silver.-De Padova --

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