Friday, May 7, 2010

Vieux Interiors – On The Move

Houston now has several great shopping destinations for antiques and decor – the Bissonnet-Kirby area is one, another is Lower West Alabama.  There is also the Westheimer area, the Heights, and Ferndale.   Each destination is home to many wonderful shops - after all, competition brings more customers.   Lately though, the area around Upper West Alabama is the hottest destination, garnering lots of attention and traffic.   It is teeming with antique and decor stores such as Indulge, Thompson-Hanson, 2620, Chateau Domingue, Pilie, and The Gray Door.   Within just a few blocks along this stretch of Upper West Alabama, you can satisfy every need for the home – antiques, landscaping, bath, bedroom, architectural elements, furniture, and you can even satisfy your appetite at the trendy Tiny Boxwoods. 
The latest neighbor to move in is Vieux Interiors.   Last January, Vieux finally pulled up stakes from their former, God-forsaken address to move to 3701 West Alabama.  I’m teasing about their former location, but honestly, I could NEVER find it!!!  It was so isolated and out of the way, that I’m thrilled Vieux is now inside the loop!!!  I dropped by the other day to say hi and check out their new shop.   The store is large and bright with windows and doors that run along the front and back entrances.  The merchandise is a wonderful collection of old and new - antiques mixed in the mid century designs and even contemporary pieces.   There are also lots of accessories, things with a small enough price tag to make shopping guilt free.  As usual, the staff is super friendly – DeWayne Formby might just be the absolute nicest person in the business. 

The store is large, but nicely organized into smaller vignettes.   This gray painted furniture section was one of my favorites.

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