Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You are Invited (& it's Invitation Only!)

You are invited to an exciting event on May 6th!Remember my dear friend, Millie Gaines, the very talented interior designer from New Orleans? Well Millie is hosting the most amazing event!
It is a night of art and antiques bringing together the beautiful antiques of Tara Shaw And the gorgeous contemporary artwork of Michelle Y Williams. It is invitation only, but if you email Millie here and tell her you are a reader of Willow Decor, she'll make sure you can attend.
It's going to held at Tara Shaw's showroom in New Orleans, usually only open to the trade - but on May 6th you will be able to browse and buy just like an insider!Even more exiting is that Michelle Y Williams contemporary paintings will also be shown (and available). The antiques and the contemporary artwork perfectly compliment each other!!
You know I am so sad that I can't attend - but don't let that stop you. And Millie will be there to chat and help you with your design questions (plus, she is so fun!!) So don't hesitate to grab a friend and have a fabulous girls night out.
Here are the details: Cocktail Reception on Thursday, May 6th at 5 PM at Tara Shaw Antiques, 1240 Camp Street, New Orleans. Remember it's invitation only so email Millie to get on the list! And don't forget to send pictures to me of the treasures you will undoubtedly find!!
Finally, I was tagged by my bloggy friend, Ness, over at Marley & Lockyer to show you the 10th photo in my inspiration file. Well I have dozen of files, so I took the 10th photo from my Built in Bed file. This magical bed prompted this popular post on Built in Beds - you can read it here. Stop over to Marley& Lockyer, visit Ness and see what other great inspiration photos she has uncovered from other friends.
And have fun at the Michelle Williams Event at Tara Shaw Antiques. Give Millie a hug for me!
(Email Millie at

(all photos Tara Shaw, Michele Y Williams, Cote de Texas, Marie Claire Maison, Willow Decor)

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